Jallikattu Movie 2020. A really oscar movie?

Jallikattu 2020

Everything in the world has its own special importance whether it is man or animal. I have the same rights on earth as everyone; nature never discriminates in anyone.

This earth is necessary for humans as much as it is also necessary for animals.

Jallikattu Movie Review 2020

First of all, let me tell you that this story is dependent on two main characters. The first character is a human being and fulfils his every need in some way. And on the other side, animals that keep their rights and beg to live freely.

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Jallikattu Movie is a Malayalam language film that has been adopted by an independent action film and has been directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery, two main characters in this story are Antony and the other is Kalan Barkey.


Jallikattu Movie Story

So this story starts in such a way that there is a small village in which everyday people are fond of eating meat at night.

All the people of that village leave with a bag in the morning and come to fill meats in it and they eat the same meat in the night and very mournfully.

This tradition has been going on for many centuries and they make meat of their own to eat animals. The film is mostly shot in the jungle

Jallikattu Movie Twist

The twist in this movie comes when the villagers catch a buffalo who can eat its meat at night, but that buffalo somehow gets released and starts running away.

And to catch that buffalo, if the whole village runs after him with poles in hand, it can be controlled.

But everyone has the right in this world that he can roam with his freedom, so the buffalo also runs away, but the whole village falls behind him.

The second twist in the story

The second twist in the story is that two boys from the village want to catch that buffalo. But the purpose of both of them is different.

The first boy who is in love with a girl from the same village and wants to grab him from the bank to express his love, can save him and leave him alone in the forest so that he can roam freely.

And the other boy, who is a very contiguous crook of that village and wants to grab him from the bank, who can offer his sacrifice and prove to the whole village that there is no one stronger than him.

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It will be very interesting to see who wins good and evil.

But the biggest twist in this story will come when these two boys are in front of each other and it will be seen that who wins and who will be able to overcome the buffalo.

Jallikattu Movie Rating

First of all, let me tell you that I have never seen such a concept to date and no one can create such content till date. The acting directing in this movie is all very good and you will get to see a new twist in every single point.

You will give this movie 3:5 stars out of 5


All the scenes in this movie are imaginary and no animals are harmed in this movie

All of this is a fictional one, which is only a movie set on top of science fiction.

In this film, every importance is shown and in this movie, every man's love for animals is as much as that of nature.

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