Avrodh web series 2020.

Avrodh web series Review 2020.

Before reviewing the Avrodh movie, I will say one thing if today we are just with our family and spend a good night at night then the whole character of it goes to our soldiers.
They protect us day and night so that they can sleep. I go out of my home family only by playing Easy Easy so that their country can be safe. You series blockage is likewise the best on any story.

Let's talk about the movie star cast

So block is a Hindi language web series that has been directed by Raj Acharya by  Applause Entertainment


The main characters of this movie are as who are playing the role of Major Vidip Singh in this web series and they have some friends Major Gautam Lata, Joshi and Satish Mahadevan.

Avrodh 2020 movie story and excellent twist

Like I have already said that the barrier remains on the web series of soldiers, things remain posted for our security and protect us from every danger.

Bandish Bandits TV Series 2020

The story of the Avrodh web series starts such that when some soldiers are guarded day and night and return to the tent, they feel like having some fun. So everyone steals a little chance and starts having fun with each other

And sing some songs. You sit with some memories of a broken heart and some begin to remember your family.

But it is said that the accident happened. Even when everyone is partying and son enemy is kept silently and he sees the opportunity and attacks them.

So many soldiers are martyred while fighting with them and some are injured very badly.

Avrodh series twist

The twist in the story comes when the Prime Minister of the country realizes that his soldiers have been attacked, so he formulates a new plan.

He will penetrate the enemy and kill them and will keep all the information to my own limited people and will not let anyone get a clue.

So the Prime Minister chooses some such soldiers who can meet this challenge and can kill the enemy by entering into his house.

So this is the biggest twist, can he safely complete this task.

Some movies plus points

This movie is very well directed and the length of its 1 episode is 35 minutes And in this web series, the role of green has been played in a very good way. 

this web series is completely different from the Uri movie and its is also completely different from it.

So with a total of 9 episodes of this web series that you can divide into two parts.

In the first part, all that happens when the army is attacked and they break from inside and suppress their anger inside. 

And the second part is to let go to the enemy house and then they does all the paper work on how they will enter her area and how this planning will be done, you will have the whole practically.

acting In this web series

So in this web series,  Starcast has done a very good acting, a dialogue suits very well and the people who have just got the role in the film, they played it like someone does in real life.


i will give 4 stars out of 5.

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